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We have numerous ideas, nonetheless, sea shore occasions are the most well known alternative in the wake of traveling campaigns and natural life safaris. After the rushing about of a wild encounter, or as a much merited rest after your climbing experience, the sea shore can be an incredible method to end your outing in East Africa.

Popular Tour Activies in zanzibar

Spice Tour

No trip to Zanzibar is complete without a visit to one of Spice farms. Spice tours offer you the opportunity to indulge your senses with an array of smells, tastes and textures – from the zing of a chili to the refreshing taste of the green coconut flesh – this this tour will awaken your senses!

Historic Stone Town

This is a guided historical tour to the old town of Zanzibar City, formerly known as Stone Town. The tour is covered mainly on foot providing the opportunity to experience the architectural and cultural sites of the beautiful old town. You will stroll through the narrow winding streets lined with stores selling local crafts, antiques, jewelry, clothes and spices.

The tour stops at many historical sites, the bustling market, winding alleyways, ornately carved and studded Arab doors, two cathedrals and countless mosques.

Jozani Forest Safari

Jozani Forest, 45km southeast of Zanzibar, boasts a rich diversity of flora and fauna making it a most magical place. A huge variety of wildlife lives in and around the forest.

Most notable among the wildlife viewing is the opportunity to observe troops of endemic Red Colobus monkeys – a very rare species and only found in Zanzibar. This delightful forest has a with a swamp in the middle and small streams flowing into the ocean.

diving and snorkeling

Zanzibar is, basically, a jumper’s heaven. With a normal water temperature of 27 degrees Celsius and perceivability somewhere in the range of 20 and 60 meters, it is an extraordinary jumping objective consistently.

Likewise with jumping, Zanzibar and its encompasses have an amazing rundown of swimming spots. Conditions and perceivability around there are first class nearly all year, making Zanzibar a shelter for swimmers.

Mnemba Atoll is a notable preservation region in Zanzibar and at the highest point of a great many people’s ‘must-swim’ list. Normal perceivability is acceptable all year and reaches somewhere in the range of 10 and 30 meters. Swimming along the bank of Mnemba Island will get you up near lovely coral reefs, arranged fish species and other marine-life like dolphins, green turtles, and ocean stars.

dolphine tour

Dolphin safari offers you a truly incredible experience, an opportunity to see the dolphins and even swim with them, if the climate permits. The beach of the fishing town Kizimkazi is the home of a few cases of humpback and bottlenose dolphins.

The dolphins are formally ensured by the 420 km2 Menai Bay Conservation Area, which was set up in 1997 to stop the fast exhaustion of fish stocks.

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